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New school-wide educational resource on concussion management

Every day, high school athletes sustain concussions during practice and games. A cheerleader falls doing a stunt, a soccer player collides with an opponent, a basketball player takes an elbow to the head as she grabs a rebound.  Concussions in athletics are a reality and are difficult to avoid.  Effective concussion management is essential for keeping young athletes safe and healthy.

In 2008, to help educate coaches about effective sports concussion prevention and management practices, ORCAS launched ACTive: Athletic Concussion Training for Coaches.  A randomized controlled trial published in the International Journal of Sports Science & Coaching demonstrated the efficacy of the online training program in helping youth sports coaches learn and feel more confident about managing concussion. 

However, effective concussion management requires more than just effective coach training.  To protect athletes from further injury and to support their safe return to activity also includes making decisions about how to manage the effects of concussion at home and in the classroom.  “Although coaches now have a variety of options for learning about concussion, young athletes, teachers, school administrators and parents have fewer resources designed to answer their specific questions,” says Ann Glang, PhD, principal investigator at ORCAS and sportsconcussions.org Advisory Group member.  “Our goal with Brain 101 was to provide clear, practical information for each of these groups.”

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