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Oregon TBI Team Liaisons

The Oregon TBI Team Working Group is a team of multi-disciplinary educators who coordinate services for students with TBI in Oregon. Liaisons help create statewide guidelines for professional development in TBI, review evidence-based resources for dissemination, and provide technical assistance to Oregon TBI Team members. Working closely with liaisons, TBI team members support local districts and regional programs to ensure students with TBI receive appropriate services.


Pictured here:
Top row listed left to right: Cathy Jenson (Region 8), Sue Hayes (Region 2), Gianna Simon (Region 4N), John Woodland (Region 4S), Melissa McCart (TBI Team Lead), Jennifer Sweet (Region 1), and Robin Simmons (Region 5).
Bottom row listed left to right: Karen Menne (Region 6), Amanda Ford (Region 4S), Margaret Brown (Region 8) and Wendy Friedman (Region 7).
Not pictured: Evelyn Henderson (Region 3)