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Below is are downloadable and printable PDFs of tools and forms to help coaches, referees, school district administrators, and youth sports organization directors provide the best possible care for youth while ensuring full compliance with Max and Jenna's laws.

Policy Documents

Sample School District Policy

Use this as a template to help develop your school district's policy on students and concussion.

Concussion Management Team

Use this to help determine the needs of your organization, and resources available to you, with regard to assembling a concussion management team.

Concussion Management Plan

Use this to help build a comprehensive concussion management plan for your organization.

Return to Play

Guidelines for managing a youth athlete's return to sports, including detailed steps that take the athlete from concussion to play.

Return to Academics

Guidelines for managing a student's return to academics following concussion, including detailed steps.

Post-Concussion Academic Accommodation Protocol

Guidelines for implementing a school-wide academic accommodation protocol for students with concussions or brain injuries.

Download All Policy Documents

Download a single file containing all the above policy documents.

Example Youth Sports Organization Concussion Policy

Example of a Concussion Policy written and implemented by an Oregon Youth Sports Organization (the Eugene Timbers Futbol Club).

Reference Documents

Emergency and Non-Emergency Concussion Guidelines

Use this to help determine the best response in case of a suspected concussion or brain injury.

Classroom Accommodations & Modifications

Use this to help develop a personalized accommodation and modification plan for a student with a traumatic brain injury.

Academic Accommodations Matrix

Use this for ideas on how to help a student with a traumatic brain injury be more successful returning to school.

Post-Concussion Symptom Checklist

Use this to help a student or youth athlete identify and record posr-concussion symptoms.

Signs and Symptoms of Concussion

These signs and symptoms—following a witnessed or suspected blow to the head or body—are indicative of probable concussion.

Links and Other Resources

Containing all the same links and other resources that are found on our links page, this PDF can be printed and handed out as needed.

Max's Law

The full text of Max's Law.

Jenna's Law

The full text of Jenna's Law.

Download All Reference Documents

Download a single document containing all the above reference documents.


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Center on Brain Injury Research and Training
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National Federation of State High School Associations

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Free Training materials for Youth and High School Sports

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Brain 101:  The Concussion Playbook


Safekids Worldwide

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Phone: 202-662-0600

Taking It Head On: Jenna Sneva


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