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Project Update 11/20/2012

On October 25 and 26 we hosted the first TBI training of the year. Brianna Stiller presented a session on functional behavioral assessments that was very well received. She provided many useful tools that are now posted on the website for all to use. At the same training, Deborah Ettel presented on assessments specific to TBI and Don Hood presented the TBI Transition Toolkit. The Toolkit is now posted on the website as well.

Information regarding Oregon TBI teams has been presented this fall at the OSBA, COSA, OCALI and ACEMN conferences.

Now available for educators are two on-line modules (TBI 101 and Instructional Strategies) for training and more are in the development stage. We are looking forward to launching more training modules as they are developed.

This October, a new on-line form was launched to collect data on the work TBI team members are doing in Oregon. This new form streamlines the process and allows for an increase in data collected as we