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The Center on Brain Injury
Research & Training

Center on Interventions for Children and Youth with Traumatic Brain Injury: Building Capacity of Educators, Community-Based Therapists, and Families


Funded by:

US Department of Education—National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Project Period:

October 1, 2009 – September 30, 2014

Project Contact:

Melissa McCart nowatzke@uoregon.edu 541-346-0597

Principal Investigator:

Shari Wade, Ph.D., Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Site Director:

Ann Glang, Ph.D. aglang@uoregon.edu 541-346-0594

Research Team:

Laura Beck



Melissa McCart




The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Interventions for Children and Youth with Traumatic Brain Injury, housed at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, supports and advances research of interventions to improve the long-term outcomes of children and youth post-TBI. Working in close collaboration with RRTC staff, the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training (CBIRT) develops training, dissemination, and technical assistance activities to ensure that evidence-based practices reach their intended audiences—families, educators, and service providers who support children with TBI throughout their lifespan.

Families: Increasingly, children with TBI are released from treatment with fewer services dedicated to families and lack of access to ongoing rehabilitative services. The Center will develop a variety of practical materials to assist families who support a child with TBI at home, including online information and resources (BrainlineKids.org) and interactive trainings on evidence-based practices.

Educators and community-based therapists: Traumatic brain injury and the resulting cognitive, behavioral, academic, and social implications are not included in the vast majority of pre-service training programs for educators in the United States. As a result, many educators and community-based therapists lack both an understanding of TBI and the knowledge of how to design and deliver appropriate services to meet the unique needs of children and youth following TBI. 

The Center will develop course work and materials for university programs that train educators and related service personnel and pilot-test integration of these materials into the curriculum at a range of participating institutions. In addition, the Center will pilot and disseminate analogous materials for in-service educator and community-based therapist training. The revised products will be disseminated nationally to 1) professional educator and community-based therapist preparation programs at colleges and universities, 2) state departments of education, and 3) professional organizations of community-based therapists and psychologists.

For more information about the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Interventions for Children and Youth with Traumatic Brain Injury, please visit the Center website