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TBI Web-Based Family Support


Funded by:

US Department of Education–National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research

Project Period:

October 1, 2010 - September 30, 2013

Project Contact, Project Director/Principal Investigator:

Ann Glang, Ph.D. aglang@uoregon.edu 541-346-0594


Laurie Ehlhardt
Powell, Ph.D.
lpowell@uoregon.edu 541-346-0572
Bonnie Todis, Ph.D. bonniet@uoregon.edu


Research Team:

Ann Glang, Ph.D.




TBI represents a significant public health problem, necessitating costly medical and social supports over the lifespan of the injured individual. Direct and indirect costs are estimated at over $56 billion annually. Changes in healthcare reimbursement and social service funding have left the responsibility for providing these supports resting on the affected families. Currently no comprehensive, accessible tool exists to assist families affected by TBI to become informed about and manage the complex challenges of TBI. Interactive multimedia (IMM) has been shown to be effective in providing the type of specific video-based training needed by families supporting a loved one with TBI.

This three-year project will develop and evaluate the efficacy of such a tool–an interactive, web-based information and training program to improve family member knowledge and skill in supporting a loved one experiencing cognitive, behavioral, and social challenges. TheTBI Family Support site will be developed, tested and revised in partnership with a national group of consultants, family members, individuals with TBI, researchers, and practitioners. Product testing will occur across three phases, culminating in a randomized control trial with a national sample of family members of individuals with TBI.