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CBIRT is dedicated to providing you with the best possible resources for information and training about traumatic brain injury.

  • Transition Toolkit

    The Transition Toolkit provides tools for educators helping students with TBI to become more self aware, to set reasonable and achievable goals, and to improve transition outcomes.

  • Advocacy Resources

    The Advocacy Resources page contains links to sites designed to give family members the skills they need to become successful advocates.

  • Services Advocacy Toolkit

    The Services Advocacy Toolkit contains informational tools that can be used when advocating for evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation services for individuals with brain injury.

  • TBI Education

    TBI Education offers evidence-based information and resources for educators, parents, and professionals who work with students who have a traumatic brain injury.

  • The Fact of the Matter

    The Fact of the Matter (FOTM) research briefs summarize effective practices for supporting children and adults with traumatic brain injury. The briefs describe practical strategies and provide references to more information.

  • Cory's Corner: A Personal Perspective

    This is a series of articles written by Cory, who sustained an acquired brain injury (ABI) several years ago. Through these articles Cory offers her personal perspective on living with the on-going effects of an ABI.