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Principles to Guide Classroom Instruction and Intervention for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury

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To promote success educators should:

Embedding Strategies To Enhance Executive Functioning Skills In The Classroom

Academic success in most curricular areas requires students to develop increasingly complex executive functioning skills. Students with difficulties may grasp the main concepts but be unable to show their knowledge because of difficulties with study skills, planning, setting appropriate goals, prioritizing, initiating, organizing materials and coming to closure on a project. These are skills needed by most students to be successful. Students with TBI often need assistance in the development of executive function skills making an embedded approach to teaching and practicing these skills appropriate. Using appropriate strategies can allow students the opportunity to become independent, flexible problem solvers.

Strategies for Embedding Executive Skills Instruction in the Classroom

Adapted from:

Ylvisaker, M. Szekers, S.F, & Hartwick, P., (1994). A framework for cognitive intervention. Educational dimensions of brain injury (pp. 35-67).