Cory's Corner

I don’t know about you, but some days my life feels like a knot of tangled string with no end piece in sight. Every time I think I’ve found it, another knot reveals itself.

Life gets tricky after a brain injury, there’s no denying that! Things that were once a breeze suddenly (or continually) remain a struggle! Repetition helps and eventually I get there, but there are days when my brain actually hurts from having to focus so intensely. 

I’m trying something new. Shortened posts about life after a brain injury-or just life in general. These may deal with many of my daily frustrations, as there is always an abundance of those, or simply just a thought on how grateful I am to be able to contribute anything at all . . . never would I have imagined doing this in my darkest days. Bear with me as I give this a shot, as it’s my hope that my blogs fuel contemplation, discussion, or simply a better understanding of living life with a disability or unique quality that sets you apart. I think that applies to all of us!