About Us

CBIRT, a center under the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon, conducts research and training to improve the lives of children and adults with traumatic brain injury (TBI). CBIRT’s research focuses on developing interventions to improve outcomes related to education, employability, and quality of life. Our training activities promote the use of best practices among educators and other professionals who serve individuals with TBI. 

Partners in these endeavors include individuals with TBI, family members, educators and other professionals who serve individuals with TBI, hospitals, and research colleagues throughout the United States and beyond.  

Our research interests include:

  • hospital-to-school re-entry process,
  • educational outcomes of students following TBI,
  • school services for students post-TBI,
  • interventions to improve social relationships for students with TBI,
  • transition of youth with TBI from school to adult roles, and
  • systematic instruction in assistive technology to improve outcomes and quality of life for adults with TBI. 

Our History

CBIRT’s history begins in 1989, when George Singer, a research scientist at Oregon Research Institute, and Ann Glang , recent PhD graduate of the University of Oregon, were awarded their first federal grant on home-school support for children with brain injury. This project integrated George’s work with families with children with developmental disabilities and Ann’s work in special education and...