CBIRT’s Melissa McCart EdD & Sondra Marshall PhD, featured on SENIA Happy Hour Podcast

Picture of Melissa McCart and Sondra Marshall

Sondra Marshall, PhD, is a Licensed Psychologist with St. Charles Health System in Bend, Oregon. Melissa McCart, EdD, is the director of the Oregon TBI Educational Team. Melissa is a speaker and author on the topic of brain injury and return to school following injury.

In the episode, Sondra and Melissa discuss the possible implications for future learning in young children after experiencing a TBI. They describe how students with TBI are different from students with learning disabilities and emphasize the importance recognizing these differences in the school setting. They also share their insights on the importance of the home-school collaboration.

Educators can learn more about traumatic brain injury through the resources available on the Return to School website.

Access the full podcast episode here.