CBIRT partners with Washington agencies to build statewide capacity in childhood TBI

Young students gathered in classroom

CBIRT’s work focuses on providing evidence-based practices to educators, practitioners, therapists and families who support children and adults with brain injury. A recent example of linking research and practice is our collaboration with the Washington Department of Health and Science and the TBI Council of Washington.

These agencies are partnering with CBIRT to provide training and support to all K-12 teachers over the next 3 years through a Washington specific website (returntoschool.org/wa/). With this collaboration, Washington educators will soon have free access to a range of tools and resources:

  • Washington specific website for dissemination of tools, instruction and support
  • In the Classroom after Concussion: Best Practices for Student Success. This 21 lesson training program offers practical strategies and resources for educators working with students with brain injury 
  • Virtual conferences on brain injury with nationally recognized speakers
  • Interactive webinars on topics of interest
  • Web-based resources and tools specific to Washington