New Horizons for CBIRT

Melissa McCart and Ann Glang

The Center on Brain Injury Research and Training has named Melissa McCart as co-Director. Dr. McCart is an assistant research professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon.

Dr. McCart came to CBIRT in January of 2012 with a background as a classroom teacher, school administrator, and behavioral consultant. Her experience working with students, educators, and school administrators is invaluable for CBIRT’s research and outreach mission. She brings this expertise and a passion for change to benefit individuals with brain injury to all aspects of her work. “Melissa’s action-oriented and mission-focused productivity is inspiring and energizing,” says Christina Karns, a CBIRT researcher.

For 10 years, Dr. McCart has coordinated the Oregon TBI Teams, an interdisciplinary group of educators who support Oregon educators who work with students with traumatic brain injury. She now oversees CBIRT’s outreach efforts in childhood brain injury. This includes working on legislation and policy with state agencies, developing evidence-based tools and resources, and evaluating training and technical assistance for school districts, departments of health, and state agencies.

CBIRT’s current Director, Ann Glang has directed CBIRT since 1993 and is now semi-retired. She will continue to lead research projects at CBIRT and work with Dr. McCart to co-lead the organization.

Dr. McCart and investigators Drs. Christina Karns, Doug Gomez, Megan Kunze, and Laurie Powell continue to direct CBIRT projects.