Recorded Webinars


Access recorded versions of CBIRT’s webinars featuring experts in the field of brain injury including: Gerard Gioia, PhD, Michael Koester, MD, Audrey McKinlay, PhD, David Kracke, JD, Jim Chesnutt, MD, Ryann Watson-Stites, PhD, and Susan Davies, EdD. 

TBI State Partnership Mentor Grant - Brain Injury and Co-Occurring Disorders Webinar Series 

January 2020 | Carolyn Lemsky, PhD

TBI and Behavioral Health
Slide Presentation


October 2019 | John D. Corrigan, PhD

Traumatic Brain Injury, Mental Health and Addiction
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TBI Educational Team Webinars

March 2020 | Jim Wright, M.A., CCC-SLP 

The Role of the SLP in Multidisciplinary Concussion Management
Slide Presentation


January 2020 | Jean Blosser, CCC-SLP, EdD, ASHA Fellow

Pediatric TBI: Collaboration Tools
Slide Presentation
Skills for Learning Success: Strengths & Weaknesses 


January 2020 |Julie Haarbauer-Krupa, PhD

Outcomes for Children with History of Traumatic Brain Injury before Age 6 Years
Slide Presentation


November 2019 | Laurie Kahn and Daniel Cullen

Transition Assessment and Students with TBI
Slide Presentation
Hobby and Interest Inventory 
Family/Caregiver Transition Planning Survey
TPI-2 Modified Form 
Interpretation of TPI-2 Results
TPI-2 Planning Table
Transition Skill Assessment


October 2019 | Michelle Ranae Wild

Using Apps to Help Executive Function Issues in School and Everyday Life



September 2019 | Christina Karns

Growing Gratitude and Altruism in the Brain
Learning & The Brain Conference, 2019 Activities



June 2019 | Ben Smith

Introduction to the 5-Step Competing Schedules Model of Evidence Based Behavioral Support (EBBS)



May 2019 | Winston Cornwall

Section 504 & Title II (ADA): Lessons Learned
Slide Presentation 


April 2019 | George Sugai, PhD

Behavior for High Need Students
What is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?
Slide Presentation ​​


February 2019 | Gerard Gioia, PhD

Managing Concussion Complexities
Slide Presentation


February 2019 | Melissa McCart, DEd

Introduction to the In the Classroom course 


January 2019 | Cathy Jensen 

Functional Behavior Assessment for Students with Brain Injury
Slide Presentation
Escalation Cycle Worksheet 
FBA - Short Form


October 2018 | McKay Sohlberg, PhD, CCC-SLP

Use of Cognitive Rehabilitation to Support School Success for Persistent Effects Post Concussion
Slide Presentation 


September 2018 | Ricky Rodriguez, M.Ed., ATC, CSCS, ITAT

The School Based Concussion Management Team: The Athletic Trainer’s Perspective 


May 2018 | Laurie Ehlhardt Powell, PhD & Michelle Wild

Using Assistive Technology to Support Executive Functions Following Brain Injury
Slide Presentation 


April 2018 | Viviane Ugalde, MD

Interpreting the IMPACT Test 
Slide Presentation 


March 2018 | Laurie Gutmann Kahn, PhD

Career Development after Brain Injury
Slide Presentation
CAPT: Career Advancement Planning Tool
ECAM: Environmental Career Advancement Measure


February 2018 | Kenji Carp

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy for Concussion
Slide Presentation 


January 2018 |Roberta DePompei, PhD

Communication with Families after TBI
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November 2017 | Viviane Ugalde, MD

Current Status of Concussion Management in Central Oregon 
​Slide Presentation 


October 2017 | Sue Hayes

Post-secondary Transition and Students with TBI
Transition Slides
New Student Map
Goal Processing
Sign Language Interpretation
Task List
Transition Toolkit for Students with Traumatic Brain Injury


September 2017 | Michael Koester, MD

Concussion Update 2017
Webinar Handout 
Glossary of Terms 


May 2017 | Gerard Gioia, PhD

Preparing the Medical and School Communities to PARTNER in the Return to School of Students with Concussion
Webinar Handout


April 2017 | Audrey McKinlay, PhD

Childhood Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Adult Outcomes
Webinar Handout


 January 2017 | Jim Chesnutt, MD



December 2016 | Winston Cornwall, Civil Rights Education Specialist

Section 504, Title II and Student with TBI in Public Schools
Webinar Handout


November 2016 | Susan Davies, EdD

Assessment of Students with TBI
Webinar Handout


October 2016 | Ryann Watson-Stites, PhD

Assessment of TBI and Eligibility


September 2016 | David Kracke, JD

TBI and Oregon's Concussion Laws
Webinar Handout