Ann Glang

Research Professor / Director CBIRT

Ann Glang, PhD

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Ann Glang, PhD, is a Research Professor and Director of CBIRT. Since 1987, she has secured and directed or co-directed over 30 federally funded research projects focused on individuals with TBI, including both descriptive and intervention research projects. Her research interests include strategies and supports in the school setting for children and adolescents with brain injuries, teacher training and childhood brain injury prevention. She has published numerous articles in refereed journals, edited two books on her work with children with TBI, and co-authored five manuals for educators serving children with TBI. Dr. Glang was awarded the 2011 Researcher of the Year award by the North American Brain Injury Society. Dr. Glang has also led the development of a range of SBIR-funded health education programs, including Brain 101, a concussion education and management program for high schools.