Megan Kunze

Assistant Research Professor

Megan Kunze

Dr. Megan Kunze is an Assistant Research Professor at the Center on Brain Injury Research and Training, Department of Psychology at the University of Oregon. Within the Department of Special Education and Clinical Sciences, she lectures and supervises graduate students in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education. 

Dr. Kunze's research concentration includes accessibility and impact of early diagnosis, professional preparation in Applied Behavior Analysis, and coaching of family-focused naturalistic interventions to best support young children with developmental delays. A significant focus of her research is on access to and development of interventions to meet the individual, cultural, and linguistic needs of children with developmental differences and their families. Recent work has centered on developing and delivering caregiver-mediated coaching for children with disabilities via telehealth. Dr. Kunze is working to validate an early identification screener to accurately assess young children as a gateway to evidence-based early intervention. As part of her community outreach, she serves as the behavior expert for two Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) panels: the Autism ECHO for Oregon and the Ukraine ECHO, both supporting medical professionals working with children with various special needs. 

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