Max and Jenna's Laws outline specific responsibilities for referees. If you are a paid or volunteer referee or official working under a referee governing body for a non-school athletic team that includes any person under 18 years of age you must:

  • Complete annual training to learn how to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and how to seek medical treatment for a person suspected of having a concussion.

  • Remove any player who shows signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion following an observed or suspected blow to the head or body from any athletic event and prevent him/her from further participation on that day.

What qualifies as a Referee Governing Body?
A referee governing body is any group that trains and certifies individuals to serve as referees/officials for non-school athletic team events and is affiliated with, sponsored, or organized by a non-profit corporation.

If you are not “certified” by such an organization, Jenna’s Law does not apply to you. Typically, non-certified persons would include parents and older students who help with officiating during an athletic contest. However, it is a good idea for anyone working with youth athletes to learn to recognize the symptoms and behaviors consistent with a concussion and how to seek medical treatment when a concussion is suspected.


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